1. Jeannie copeland says:

    How long is salsa/hot sauce stored in mason jars?

    1. Hi Jennie,

      You can stor it in the moon jar for 1 and half of week in fridge and 2 days original way.

  2. I know how to make salsa I want to make creamy jalapeño hot sauce and can it. Any more then one jar at a time. How long can it be stored in the cabinet? Not in the drug.

    1. Hi Linda,
      Creamy jalapeño hot sauce is popular and so many ways to store it. Could you tell me the current way which happy with your home now?

  3. If I sterlize my jars and boil my salsa in the jars, how long will it last in the pantry?

  4. Hey Kevin, my wife has a recipe for some awesome salsa she used to compete with. She made some and got about 14 jars and put them in boiling water to seal for about 30 mins. After they cooled I placed them in the fridge. How long will they last? I added about 1/2 tsp of all in one pickling vinegar base. How long should the salsa last?

  5. Doug Johnson says:

    when i make a batch of salsa about half of the jars get moldy after about 3-4 days. what am i doing wrong

  6. julie rancourt says:

    I made salsa using canned tomatoes and fresh peppers and onion. I put it in canning jars (it was not processed as I don’t have that equipment)
    How long will it last in the fridge?
    If I freeze it?

    1. Hi Julie,

      It’s not exactly duration I mean, but I think it will be fine within 5 days.


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