1. I recently bought a pack of peppered beef trimmings for the first time as a different meal idea. For example, yesterday I made them up to a dish with onions, mushrooms, potatoes, bacon and peppered ham with a cheese and tomato sliced for the topping, but found the pepper overwhelming when I ate a portion of my cooked dish as not normally a lover of pepper, and I had forgotten to add the gravy I was planning to use.

    I had never thought of what should be used to calm down the pepper flavour until I read this article – which has now given me some ideas on what to use to reduce the pepper flavour for the next time I serve up a portion until the entire dish is used up. Thank you for the tips – I will give them a try in my next serving and see how the added extras work.

  2. Galina Cherniak says:

    very very good article I didnt need now ,but excellent to know. Thanks very much

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