3 best golden syrup substitutes


  1. Thanks Richard. Living overseas in a country that has its own sugar industry and golden syrup naught found for love or money. I wonder what they do with it, maybe just refine the lot. Anyway, you rescued my gingerbread men. They pass on their thanks, as I rush about trying to catch them while they mock me with that rhyming ditty.

  2. never use or put honey in heat/baked/cooked.

  3. To answer Sarah’s comment would probably be because heat destroys honey’s natural healing properties as it is a very good healing agent.
    But, this is not the reason why I am actually commenting here; it’s because of this:

    ‘Basically, light corn syrup can perfectly replace Golden Syrup in every recipe.’
    I totally disagree with that rash statement…(lol)
    Try making a batch of my ginger biscuits that calls for golden syrup and substitute it with (ugh)..light corn syrup. Sorry, you will end up with a total mess. Chewy, fall apart ginger biscuits are definitely not what ginger biscuits are all about or should look or taste like.
    So, no! You can’t substitute corn syrup in every recipe. Maybe you can, but you shouldn’t. Keep it authentically real.

    1. Thank you for your comment,

      That is a good idea that I need to keep in mind in my journey

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