1. Teri Stadtlander says:

    Hi, Would you be able to advise me on how to remedy this issue please? I have a baby shower on the 27th. I am making cupcakes. I worked on them today. I used foil liners(because they were so pretty!). ALL the cupcakes in the foil liners sunk in the middle and went over the edge. I had some extra batter so I baked some in plain liners. They were fine! I am soooo confused. I have NO IDEA how to fix this. Any direction would be appreciated. I was very careful to do the steps to AVOID the sinking.

    1. Hi Teri,

      I know your concern but the problem is case by case. But in my opinion, the top cause for your cupcake is the temperature put on them is too hot with a short baking duration. Because the foil liner was made of aluminum which transfers heat more quickly than the paper liner, the cake is quickly rise but the portion inside (in the middle) was not completely done. Please try to reduce your temperature and take more time for better results.

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