1. Hi Kevin.

    Some great tips here.

    Would you be able to give me some clarity on a couple of things though please?

    1. You say “Also, not using enough oil when you add butter, margarine or butter spray will make the popcorn rubbery and less enjoyable to taste.”

    At what stage do you add butter? Do you drizzle it on top of the popped popcorn? Why must oil be included when you add the butter? I heard butter can make it a bit soggy, I personally use clarified butter which is great and doesn’t seem to make it soggy at all. Using clarified butter to cook the popcorn instead of coconut oil is also great. I’m just trying to perfect the recipe so looking for tips. 🙂

    2. You also say at the end of the article, to prevent chewiness you should use: “Three tablespoons of unsalted butter for a 5-quart pot”. Why would this stop the popcorn from being chewy? Do you mean no more than three tablespoons or what is the thinking here? Again, I take it you are adding this later rather than having it in with the oil. I’m just trying to get my head around why this is preventing chewy popcorn.

    The rest of the article made sense. Great tips. Thanks


  2. Ogechukwu says:

    Hi Kevin!
    I’ve learnt a lot from your post.
    But I have a question: what’s the best way to sugar popcorn and still have it crispy.
    Actually, I have an eye on starting a popcorn business as a side hustle. Really need to know how best to salt and sugar my popcorn and having it crispy instead of chewy.


    1. Hi Ogechukwu,

      It is not too difficult to make popcorn crispy. In my experience, you can put it in an oven about 10 mins with 200 degrees after popping it. It is enough time and temp for your case. I hope it can help.


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