One Lovely Blog Award!!!

Well, this is neat. I just recently discovered the blog, amoonfull, and already The Moon herself has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. This award is very mysterious, I spent many fruitless hours (or at least minutes) trying to find out how it started. I cannot find a thing. BUT the rules are plastered all over the place.

Rule #1, acknowledge, and link back to, the person who nominated you. DONE. And thank you so much for the nomination!!

#2 Share seven random things about yourself which haven’t been revealed yet in your blog:
1. I am a HUGE David Bowie fan
2. I’m too cheap to get my hair cut. I usually do it myself unless I get a gift certificate or birthday money or something.
3. I think it’s been 16 years since I last wore shorts in public.
4. I used to hate olives. I forced myself to eat them until I liked them.
5. The socks I’m wearing right now do not match.
6. Before going vegan, my favorite sandwich was a grilled fried Spam & cheese
7. If you piled up all my cookbooks in one stack, it would probably be taller than me (I’m 5’6″).

#3 List 15 bloggers you follow, and would like to acknowledge as your favorites. This is a little too hard for me, so I’m going to randomly select 15:
1. Tuesday’s Horse Helping horses, interesting stuff.
2. Blue-Eyed Bookworm Lots of random stuff here, my favorite is probably the fashion stuff.
3. Healing Charlotte This blog actually has a real cause – check it out, you might be moved to help this little girl!
4. myveganheart Vegan food blog! We have to stick together.
5. Vegetarian ‘Ventures Gorgeous food.
6. Empowered Goddess Coaching Shout out to my mama.
7. clotildajamcracker Her stories are hilarious!
8. A Leaf in Springtime This blog isn’t updated during the summer, but go ahead and follow her now. It’ll be a nice surprise in a month or two.
9. theshooz Another Orthodox blogger.
10. gypsy Travels and gardens and things.
11. CancerKillingRecipes The name says it all.
12. The Vegetarian Librarian Vegetarian cooking show!
13. L-Jay Health Fitness, diet & weight loss
14. Sweet Little Thang Baking!
15. Bucket List Publications Wanna cross something off your bucket list? Check out this blog!

#4 Notify all 15 bloggers and link them to this post.

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